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Jugnu (Solar Mini Power House)
"Jugnu" is world smallest solar inverter, a Solar Mini Power house that gives you power anytime you go. It is powered by latest Patent pending technology developed by Three Sixty Power ProductsEngineers. Three Sixty jugnu is a portable Solar mini power House, which can be used for powering small AC 220V appliances like for lighting up AC CFL bulbs, charging of Mobile phones, and others. Jugnu finds wide variety of aaplication in rural areas, homes & shops, hawkers & street vendors, Remote hospitals & small offices, farm houses, etc. where is short of electricity.
Features & Advantages
Portable Solar Mini Power House
Power up AC 220V applications like CFL bulbs and mobile chargers.
Patent Pending Microprocessor PWM Technology at its best.
Constant Current & Constant Voltage Charging
Over Charging Protection.
Reverse polarity protection
Short circuit protection
Over load protection
Over temperature protection
Battery Deep Discharge Protection with alarm.
Overload Protection
Automatic Reset Function on heavy load.
Limiting voltage warning protection
‘Jugnu’ is a portable powerhouse that gives you power anytime and anywhere you go.
For hawkers & Street Vendors, for whom it give constant power for 6 to 7 hrs during night.
Homes & Shops & at farm houses.
For Remote hospitals & small offices.
For Children to study at night during exam times.
For Farmers & small stall keepers.